Current Projects

Representative projects include Golden Eagle capture and transmitter application, Palen Solar Project, researching golden eagle nesting sites, Tehachapi Renewable Transmission project involving Swainson's Hawks, Manzana Wind project studying raptors, and monitoring Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and Least Bell's Vireo in Los Angeles County.



Golden Eagle Capture and Transmitter Application

Project Type: Government Agency Location: Oregon

Description:  BBI biologists are spending three winters baiting, establishing camera traps, trapping and marking Golden Eagles in southeastern Oregon. This work will assist in federal efforts to track local Golden Eagle populations and assist in the management of area land use to minimize impacts on this species. 

Palen Solar Project

Project Type: Solar
Location: Riverside County, California

Description:  BBI biologists conducted wintering and nesting Golden Eagle surveys and designed and implemented migration point counts to assess potential impacts of the proposed project on migratory birds and Golden Eagles. BBI also provided assistance in the review process with the California Energy Commission and the REAT agencies.

Immature Swainson's Hawk

Immature Swainson's Hawk

Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project

Project Type: Utility

Location: Kern, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties, California

Description: BBI has provided biological services on this project since its inception in 2009. BBI provided construction monitoring, nesting bird surveys, and Swainson's Hawk surveys. BBI also developed the draft version of the project's Nesting Bird Management Plan and currently provides the project's Nesting Bird Lead monitor.

Manzana Wind Project

Project Type: Wind

Location: Kern County, California

Description: BBI was initially tasked with completing wintering and nesting raptor surveys, as well as nesting bird displacement surveys, for two years using methods provided in the RFP. Subsequently, the scope was expanded to conduct large bird migration counts and provide other assistance to minimize potential avian impacts.

Residential Project in Los Angeles County

Project Type: Residential

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Description: BBI has been conducting yearly surveys for Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Least Bell's Vireo and other riparian birds for the last five years. BBI is also providing updated vegetation mapping for the survey area.