BBI staff have published basic research in the biological sciences in a number of major peer-reviewed scientific journals.


BBI staff have published basic research in the biological sciences in a number of major peer-reviewed scientific journals.  

Peter Bloom Ph.D.

Selected Publications

Katzner, T.E., D.M. Nelson, M.A. Braham, J.M. Doyle, N.B. Fernandez, A.E. Duerr, P.H. Bloom, M.C. Fitzpatrick, T.A. Miller, R.C.E. Culver, L. Braswell, and J.A. DeWoody. Continental-scale consequences of local-scale renewable energy generation. (submitted to PNAS).

Katzner, Todd E., D.M. Nelson, M.A. Braham, J. M. Doyle, N.B. Fernandez, A.E. Duerr, P.H. Bloom, M. C. Fitzpatrick, T. A. Miller, R.C.E. Culver, L. Braswell, and J.A. DeWoody 2016.  Golden eagle fatalities and the continental-scale consequences of local wind-energy generation.  Conservation Biology.   00 (0) 1-11.

Clark, W.S., and P.H. Bloom (in press).  Plumages by sex of Adult and Basic III Rough-legged Hawks.  Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Doyle, Jacqueline M., T.E. Katzner, G.W. Roemer, J.W. Cain, III, B. Milsap, C. McIntyre, S.A. Sonsthagen, N. Fernandez, M. Wheeler, Z. Bulut, P.H. Bloom, and J.A. DeWoody 2016. Genetic structure and viability selection in the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), a vagile raptor with Holarctic distribution. Conserv Genet (2016). doi:10.1007/s10592-016-0863-

Poessel, S.A., P.H. Bloom, M.A. Braham, T.E. Katzner.  2016.  Age-and season-specific variation in local and long-distance movement behavior of golden eagles.  European Journal of Wildlife Research.  62:377-393.

Singh, N.J., E. Moss, T. Hipkiss, F. Ecke, H. Dettki, P. Sandstrom, P.H. Bloom, J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, B. Hornfeldt.  2016.  Habitat selection by adult Golden Eagles Aquila chrysaetos during the breeding season and implications for wind farm establishment.  Bird Study.   

Thomsen, S.K., C.E. Kroeger, P.H. Bloom, and A.L. Harvey. 2014. Space Use and Home Range Size of Barn Owls on Santa Barbara Island. Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist 7:xx–xx.

Bloom, P.H., J.W. Kidd, and S.E.Thomas, T. Hipkiss, B. Hornfeldt, M. Kuehn, 2015.  Trapping Success Using Carrion with Bow Nets to Capture Adult Golden Eagles in Sweden.  Journal of Raptor Research.

Bloom, P.H., M.D. McCrary, J.M. Scott, J.M. Papp, K.J. Sernka, S.E. Thomas, J.W. Kidd, E.H. Henckel, J.L. Henckel, and M.J. Gibson 2015.  Northward Summer Migration of Red-Tailed Hawks Fledged from Southern Latitudes.  Journal of Raptor Research. 

Moss, E.H.R., T. Hipkiss, E. Frauke, H. Dettki, P. Sandstrom, P.H. Bloom, J.W. Kidd, S.E. Thomas, B. Hornfeldt.  2014.  Home-range Size and Examples of Post-nesting Movements for Adult Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in Boreal, Sweden.  Journal of Raptor Research. 48 (2):93-105.

Doyle, J.M., T.E. Katzner, P.H. Bloom, Y. Ji, B.K. Wijayawardena, J.A. DeWoody.  2014.  The Genome Sequence of a Widespread Apex Predator, the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos).  Plos One. 9 (4):1-11.

Chiang, S.N., P.H. Bloom, A.M. Bartuszevige, and S.E. Thomas. 2012. Home Range and Habitat Use of Cooper's Hawks in Urban and Natural Areas. In C.A. Lepczyk and P.S. Warren (editors). Urban bird ecology 45: 1-16

Bloom, P.H., J.M. Scott, J.M. Papp, S.E. Thomas and J.W. Kidd. 2011. Vagrant Western Red-shouldered Hawks: Origins, Natal Dispersal Patterns, and Survival. The Condor 113: 538-546

Houston, C.S. and P.H. Bloom. 2005. Turkey Vulture Marking History: The Switch From Leg Bands to Patagial Tags. North American Bird Bander 30: 59-64

Clark, W.S. and P.H. Bloom. 2005. Basic II and Basic III Plumages of Rough-legged Hawks. Journal of Field Ornithology 76: 83-89

P.H. Bloom and W.S. Clark. 2001. Molt and Sequence of Plumages of Golden Eagles, and a Technique for In-Hand Ageing. North American Bird Bander 26: 97-116

Collins, C.T. and P.H. Bloom. 2000. The Status of Harlan's Hawk in Southern California. Western Birds 31: 200-202

Goldstein, M.I., P.H. Bloom, J.H. Sarasola, and T.E. Lacher. 1999. Post-migration Weight Gain of Swainson's Hawks in Argentina. Wilson Bulletin 111: 428-432

Tietje W.D., P.H. Bloom, and J.K. Vreeland. 1998. Characteristics of Red-tailed Hawk Nest Sites in Oak Woodlands of Central California. Proceedings of a Symposium on Oak Woodlands: Ecology, Management, and Urban Interface Issues 0: 365-372

Hall, L.S., M.S. Morrison, and P.H. Bloom. 1997. Population Status of the Endangered Hawaiian Hawk. Journal of Raptor Research 31: 11-15

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Garrison, B.A. and P.H. Bloom. 1993. Natal Origins and Winter Site Fidelity of Rough-legged Hawks Wintering in California. Journal of Raptor Research 27: 116-118

Bloom, P.H., M.D. McCrary, and M.J. Gibson. 1993. Red-shouldered Hawk Home Range and Habitat use in Southern California. Journal of Wildlife Management 57: 258-265


Micheal Kuehn Ph.D.

Peer, B.D., M.J. Kuehn, S.I. Rothstein and R.C. Fleischer. 2011. Persistence of Host Defense Behavior in the Absence of Avian Brood Parasitism. Biology Letters 7: 670-673

Peer, B.D., C.E. McIntosh, M.J. Kuehn, S.I. Rothstein and R.C. Fleischer. 2011. Complex Biogeographic History of Lanius spp. Shrikes and its implications for the Evolution of Defenses Against Avian Brood parasitism. Condor 113: 385-394

Bateman, H.L., T.L. Dudley, D.W. Bean, S.M. Ostoja, K.R. Hultine, and M.J.Kuehn. 2010. A River System to Watch: Documenting the Effects of Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) Biocontrol in the Virgin River Valley. Ecological Restoration 28: 405-410

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