Jacyln Catino

Jaclyn Catino is an avian biologist with a particular interest in raptors. 


Jackie Catino

Biologist  / Assistant Secretary       

Professional Experience

Irvine Ranch Conservancy, Irvine, CA Project Manager, March 2016 - Present Performed raptor ground surveys, manage all updates to raptor territories, provide updates to the client on a bi-weekly basis, report writing and review.
SCE – Doble Project, San Bernardino National Forest & Lucerne Valley, CA Raptor Surveyor, February – July 2016 Performed ground surveys for Golden Eagles in the San Bernardino National Forest and surrounding areas, but documented all raptor nests found. Three GOEA nests were identified and updated throughout the season.
Raptor Conservation Strategy, San Bernardino National Forest, CA Golden Eagle Surveyor, March 2014 – April 2014, February 2016 – July 2016 Performed ground surveys for special status raptors breeding in the San Bernardino National Forest and surrounding area, specifically for Golden Eagles but as well as Peregrine Falcons and California Condors.
SCE - TRTP SME, Brea, CA BBI Consultant, April 2014 – Present Thorough knowledge and understanding of the operational use of the Field Reporting Environmental Database, ensure project activities are in compliance with local, state and federal biological regulations, coordinate with SCE organizational unit teams as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for biological resource management, review and analyze contracted work assignments to ensure productivity and compliance with SCE standard regulations, maintain current understandings of biological resources.
High Speed Rail Project, Antelope Valley, CA Biological Surveyor, April 2016 – June 2016 Performed ground and helicopter surveys for Swainson’s Hawk and other raptors (Golden Eagles, Long-eared Owls, Red-tailed Hawks) within the Antelope Valley
USGS Northern California Golden Eagle Trapping, Klamath Valley, CA Trapping Assistant, January 2016 Assisted with maintaining, repairing, and establishing bow net traps for Golden Eagles, assist with processing, banding, drawing blood and feathers from three adult Golden Eagles.
LSA/SDG&E Wood to Steel Project, San Clemente, CA Biological Monitor, December 2013 – January 2014 Performed biological monitoring services for SDG&E on the Wood to Steel project located near the San Mateo Substation. Specifically mitigating for biological resources and water resources such as Pacific Pocket Mouse, Arroyo Toad, California Gnatcatchers, Least Bell’s Vireo and JD Waters. 
SDG&E On-call, Pine Valley, CA Nesting Bird Surveyor, December 2013 – January 2014 Performed nest surveys on the SDG&E Distribution Line for tree trimming activities specifically for cavities and nesting owls.
SCE - DPV2 Nesting Bird Team, Blythe to Banning, CA Nesting Bird Surveys and Monitoring, January - September 2012, January – July 2013 Surveyed for nesting birds and monitored nests along the SCE-DPV2 Transmission Line
Virginia Coastal Wildlife Observatory, Cape Charles, VA Managed the Raptor Observation and Banding Station, October - November 2012 Raptor Intern, September – December 2011 Learned to trap and extract raptors using dho gazas, mist nests and bow net techniques. Processed and banded raptors in a correct handling manner. Maintained lure birds cages and daily feedings of detailed field notes of utmost importance.

Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
Research Assistant, January – May 2010
Learned proper laboratory safety procedures, worked a microtome and made proper serial sections.  Learned to stain cross sections properly and mount them with cover slips.  Organized lab and reviewed papers on the olfactory system in amphibians.


B.S., Zoology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California

Permits & Certifications

USGS Bird Banding Subpermitee (21256-L)

Southern Willow Flycatcher Workshop

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